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Honorary Member Recognition

This award may be given to one or more members for their distinguished meritorious service to the VNLA and the horticulture industry.

The person you nominate must be a VNLA member or work for a firm that is a member of VNLA.

Click here for a nomination form.

Nominations are due by 5 pm, Monday, December 5, 2016


2014  2014
 Mary & Ennion Williams
Dover Nursery
Richmond, VA
Charlie Parkerson
Lancaster Farms
Suffolk VA

Previous Recipients

John Machen Sr, Mobjack Nurseries, Mobjack, VA, Retired

Paul Smeal, Va Tech Department of Horticulture, Emeritus, Blacksburg, VA

Jim Coartney, VA Tech Department of Plant Pathology, Emeritus, Floyd, VA 


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