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2019 Webinars

Green Roof Systems: A decade of research and extension programming at the University of Maryland , featuring Dr. Andrew Ristvey.

In the years after the turn of the millennium, green roof systems became a popular method of green infrastructure. Green roofs supported government agency objectives to protect waters of the United States and filled a niche for urban storm water reduction where other management options like bio-retention or detention ponds were less favorable. A new industry grew from the increased interest in green roof installation. This brought some effective ideas and products, some not so effective. The Green Roof Research and Extension program at the University of Maryland was established to provide scientific research and outreach that would assist the industry in the development of technology, and government agencies in the establishment of green roof performance standards.

Dr. Andrew Ristvey is a University of Maryland Extension Specialist in Commercial Horticulture. His research and outreach programs include ornamental nursery nutrient and irrigation management, alternative specialty crops, and green roof/urban agricultural systems.
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Qualifies for one VCH CEU.

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