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Environmental Steward of the Year Award

Brent Hunsinger (L),
Brents Native Plantings,
Fredericksburg, VA 
  Eric Gunderson (l)
Southern Branch Nursery
 Michele Fletcher
Landscape Design,
Rockbridge Baths, VA
 2013 - No Award

(r) Tom Saunders
Saunders Brothers
Piney River, VA

Call or email the VNLA to request a nomination form: 804 256 2700 or info@vnla.org

The first recipient of the Environmental Steward Award was Norfolk Botanical Garden.

Evaluation for the individual and/or company that is deemed the recipient of the award which began in January 2007. The VNLA looks forward to inducting the next recipient of this award. Be the very best you, or company, can be to have  minimal negative impact on our environment.

Judging Criteria for the Environmental Award

  1. To be eligible to receive this award, the recipient must be a current individual or company VNLA member in good standing.
  2. One award will be presented each year based upon adequately fulfilling, or exceeding the criteria, otherwise, the award will be skipped that year.
  3. Participants are encouraged to maintain due diligence in practicing and utilizing best management principles (BMP) resulting in the least negative impact on our environment.
  4. Each individual or company will promote and show that our horticultural industry has a more positive than negative impact on our environment by how we operate on a day-to-day basis.

 "Remember to be environmentally sensitive for our future generations."

               Rich Johnson – Past VNLA President 2006

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