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News - Environmental Steward Award Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia

Last November I attended the strategic planning seminar with the VNLA board. During one of the breaks in the action, I was talking with Mark Maslow and Cheryl Lajoie about the plastic recycling program, specifically how I could never make the numbers work; how large scale plastic recycling in Virginia just didn’t make sense economically. Cheryl responded that sometimes it’s not about the money; sometimes you have to do something just because it’s the right thing to do.

This year’s recipient of the Environmental Steward Award has been doing things because it’s the right thing to do for years. They have been featured in Nursery Management Magazine, Horticulture magazine, Garden Center Magazine and on AmericanFarm.com. They were one of the first nurseries in Virginia to develop a nutrient management plan, long before the EPA made nutrient management plans mandatory. In 2009 they won the Ground Water Award from the Virginia Eastern Shore Regional Ground Water Commission. They have partnered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, which, in my opinion, qualifies them for sainthood, not just the Environmental Steward Award, to launch the Greener Plants brand. Among other plants, they sell fruit and nut trees and fruiting shrubs under the Hollybrook Orchards brand. For proving that you can run a nursery AND work toward cleaning up the Bay, for showing us that it IS possible to work with an environmental organization , for just doing the right thing, this year’s Environmental Steward Award goes to – Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia.

Award was presented by Tom Thompson, VN LA Environmental Affairs Chair

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